How 4×4 Cars Can Help You Get Around The Countryside

In a city with 4×4 cars everywhere it’s easy to wonder what they’re doing there. They’re 4x4s so shouldn’t they be out in the country? No because many of them are useless off-road, with so many now city cars that they’ve become known as Chelsea tractors. They’ve stopped being practical vehicles and have become fashion accessories. Out in the countryside low ground clearance will hurt and more chrome on the radiator grill will have everyone silently judging you.

True 4×4 cars are great for getting around in the countryside because they’ve been built for that environment. They’ll have higher ground clearance so you don’t damage the bottom of your car or get beached on an obstacle. A true 4×4 will also have a higher driving position making it easier for you to see obstacles or changes in terrain. They’re also likely to have chunky tires for better grip in off-road conditions. True 4x4s should also have a low range gearbox. This limits speed but gives you greater power which will get you up a hill. Chelsea tractors often lack a low-range gearbox and Top Gear has shown them sliding backwards down a hill. Technology also plays a part as the latest Land Rover has controls which can be altered from the driver’s seat to adjust the car for maximum traction in off-road conditions. The Land Rover is a premium car with a premium cost, but technology always trickles down to lower priced cars over time. Until that happens there are cheaper alternatives that’ll do the job in the countryside.

4×4 cars can cost more to run but they hold their value better than regular road-cars like hatchbacks. More to the point they’ll go well in the countryside and then transfer onto the road, while a Chelsea tractor will get stuck in the mud somewhere.

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15 November

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