It is advisible to use a loan to finance the cost of improving your 4×4 car. Here’s why

loanBesides a real estate property, improving a 4×4 car is probably one of your biggest investments. Unless you have a lot of many saved in your bank account, you will unlikely be able to pay for the improvement in cash. Don’t worry, there are car loan options that you can take to assist in your financing. However, it will all depend on whether the car is for private use or business use.

Private use

The first alternative is unsecured personal loan. Here, the loan attracts a higher interest rate, as the lender will not require any security for the loan. In case you default, the lender will only chase you for the outstanding loan balance and they cannot legally repossess the car.

The second option is a secured car loan or secured personal loan or consumer loan. Here, you will be required to provide any asset as collateral including the 4×4 car that you want to improve. Should you decide to put your car as a security, then it can be repossessed in the event that you fail to pay the loan. The advantage of this option is that it usually attracts a discounted interest rate.

Business use

You may have the option to improve your 4×4 car for business use by considering the chattel mortgage car loan. Here, you will own the car and the financier will provide the money for the improvement by offering 4×4 car as security on mortgage. Your business will enjoy the full rights of ownership.

The other option is the commercial hire purchase, where the financier will remain the owner of the car until you settle all the debts as per the agreement. Once you settle the outstanding balance, the title of vehicle becomes yours.

You can also use finance lease method, where the lessor or financier have the full ownership of the car and allows lessee (you) to use the 4×4 car by charging periodic rental payment. Though the ownership of the car remains with the lessors, though you may have the option to purchase it depending on the lease agreement.

Sometimes, you may encounter the frustration of being rejected for the finance you need to maintain your car. This is where it is worth looking into bad credit loans, as you may find you are able to get the finance you need.

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11 October